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Each gallery has a random set of photographs taken on trips during that year. We may add more to the present year 'as & when' more become available. If you have any that you would like to be considered for inclusion in a gallery, please email them to us and we will see what we can do.

To view a gallery, please 'click' on any of the photographs below to open the gallery ...


To view and listen to a very, very special song called 'Woo Woo! Captain Sugar' written for and about Captain Sugar by Kitty's Jazz Jive 'n' Swing , please click onto the YouTube button above left or on the photograph to your right!

This song was published on the 8th of November 2014. Captain Sugar by Miss Kitty and the Purramours is one of the songs featured on the new album, Music Made For Dancing.

Miss Kitty's song, Captain Sugar, was inspired by a boat trip she took in Fethiye, Turkey with Captain Sugar. The soundtrack features Captain Sugar laughing right at the end of the video! Woo Woo!






Video 2012

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