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A selection of our Organic Open Buffet & BBQ Lunch items are shown below in this typical guest lunch. With a minimum of 11 freshly prepared and restaurant tasty dishes, all of which are the recipes created by Captain Sugar himself.

Also served with the buffet are deliciously tasting marinated BBQ Chicken escalope's and a Garlic Bread to die for, again the Captain's own personal recipe!  We pride ourselves on the fact that 99.9% of all our fresh and  'home grown' ingredients are picked each day from our own garden and that they are all organic, no pesticides or chemicals are used.


The taste of our hand picked tomatoes, eggplant,  peppers, cucumber, parsley, fresh mint, onions is a testament to 'Best is Fresh' principle for all of our food. Even the eggs used in the 'Potatoes & Egg' dish are fresh laid everyday!  We also offer Turkish Tea, ay or Chai and Turkish or Nescafe Coffee mid morning and afternoon cake is included in our full day tour prices.

We also offer what must probably be one of the most bespoke 'drinks services' in the world!

As you can see from the photograph to the right, wherever we are and which ever bay we are in ...  we will serve you with a drink of your choice ...

From a cocktail to a cold Effes, to a simple cup of Turkish Chai. We can even offer you some simple nibbles or crisps, but remember if you drop them that they go 'soggy' in water ... enjoy ...

Please click here use our eForm or call us on +90 532 7811265 to contact us re any questions you may have about any our Cruises/Tours or if you need any help?

email:  or Mob: +90 532 7811265

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